where would you fit a mezzanine floor!
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Mezzanine floors fit various different applications and not simply in the industrial part. The most well-known application for a mezzanine floors framework is for extra storage. Mezzanine floors are very versatile and can be designed and manufactured to meet numerous more applications.

Mezzanine Work Areas

In addition to the storage space, mezzanine floors can give a specific work zone to machinery or equipment in difficult to reach zones. Industrial pumps, chemical tanks, sorting machines, conveyor systems, and even space containers are only a portion of the things mezzanine floors system have been fitted for.

Office Space

For organizations with the increasing office space needs, mezzanine floors offer a flawless solution through office partition walls. Especially in a manufacturing environment, mezzanine offices give a comfortable workplace over the office floor that takes up an insignificant measure of the workspace.

Catwalk and Conveyor systems

Mezzanine floors can be similarly as helpful in transportation as they are in storage. Like their application as work zones, mezzanines can be given one of a kind design to oblige transport and catwalks frameworks. These frameworks offer a helpful method for transporting representatives and stock over the office floor with the end goal to not bother the pre-existing work areas.

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